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Resistance Bands

FH Resistance Bands Exercise Kinetic Leg Band 13 piece Set

  FH Kinetic resistance leg band set designed to help increase fast twitch leg muscle fibers increasing explosive speed and strength. Different colour bands for different resistance levels. 2 Yellow...

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FH Pro Advanced Resistance Exercise Band Set 11 pcs

FH Pro Advanced Resistance band  set offers a wide selection of strength training routines. Adding these band to your workout can be extremely effective.    FH Pro set contains;  ...

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FH Pro Leg Resistance Exercise Loop Bands

FH Pro Leg  Resistance Exercise Loop Bands used for a variety of fitness applications and are ideal for lower body exercises.Loop band strength, size and colour;  Red 6 lbs resistance - Medium...

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The Resistance Band Exercise Training Ebook

 Resistance Band Training book. Fitness Health is a UK professional resistance band supplier, also supplying instructional videos and plans. In this resistance exercise band training book we have put together...

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FH Pro Extreme Resistance Exercise Band with Handles

  2 Black re attachable Foam handles Band length 44 inches with strong metal clips  Heavy weight band good for power strength workouts Extreme Heavy 65 lbs X Heavy 55...

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FH Pro Resistance Exercise Band Medium Light

2 - 12 cm Black comfort foam handles 46 inch Length  Blue Light Medium Resistance 15 lbs - 5.8 Kg     

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FH Crossfit Exercise Resistance Bands Heavy Duty Loop

  These  FH Crossfit Exercise Resistance Bands are made from heavy duty latex and can be used in loads of exercises such like snatches, squats and assisted pull ups.  105...

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FH Heavy Resistance Strength Band Training Exercise Rubber Fitness Bands

Resistance Heavy Black Band with hooks and handles Band Length - 44 inch Band Strength - 36lbs resistance Colour - Black  2 Foam handles 12 cm long Strong metal clips  Heavy...

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FH Pro Extreme Heavy Resistance Exercise Band with Handles

  FH Pro Extreme Resistance Band X Heavy 70 lbs - Gold -approximately 35 kg  FH Pro Resistance Band Heavy 55 lbs  -Silver - approximately  27 kg  Band length 40...

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FH Yoga Resistance Flat Band

 FH Yoga flat bands are non toxic latex bands 56 inches in length 7.5cm widthIdeal for yoga and pilates workout programs   One resistance band of each strength; Light Resistance-...

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FH Resistance Band Belt Black

Resistance training adjustable belt  Works with various resistance bands. Ideal for core & speed training. Resistance belt speed training  Portable. Economical. Efficient. Ideal for development of strength, power and overall...

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The Bodyweight Suspension Training Exercise Ebook

The Suspension Training Ebook. In this suspension exercise band training book you will learn about the different benefits that you can attain from bodyweight suspension training. The new revolution of bodyweight training here, this includes detailed...

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