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Sandbag Side Lunge exercise, grasp the handles on the bag. Lifting the sandbag above your head and place it on your shoulders. Keep bag on shoulders throughout the exercise, lunge left maintaining control of bag on shoulders. Return to start position with bag on shoulders. Then lunge right with the bag on your shoulders, move back to start position bringing your body back to the centreline, this counts as 1 rep. #powerbag #exercises #crossfit #equipment #fitness

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  A great way to increase your bodyweight for standard press up is by using a weighted vest. Simple and effective, with this 15 kg vest you're able to adjust the weight, as the weight's on the vest are small sandbags that weight around 1.5kg. You can easily take the bags out of the pouches to reduce the weight. #fitness #exercises #training #weightedvest #crossfit #equipment #muscle #team #fitfreaks #fitfam

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