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Leg day workout  My overall objective is strengthen my leg muscles whilst promoting both joint and ligament strengthening. I believe that the better my form, the better the results. This is a brief 4 exercise workout that combines compound training with strengthening exercises. I completed 4 sets of each exercise with a 1 minute break in between sets.  Squats  Single clean overhead extensions  Walking lunge  multi directional lunges   

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If you’re an expectant mother and you’re not currently using a Swiss fitness birthing ball, you are missing out on some really great advantages. This one piece of equipment offers you a number of benefits before, during, and after the birth of your precious bundle of joy, and here are just a few of them: Fewer backaches. Even if you use the ball just to sit on versus doing an actual exercise routine, you’re still working your abdominal and lower back muscles to stay upright, giving you a strong and stable core that will help get you through pregnancy with fewer of those...

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  The adductors are a rather large group of muscles situated on the medial (inner) side of the thigh. They originate at the nethermost extremity of the hip bone and spread down the interior of the thigh, fastening to the medial segment of the femur. There are five primary constituents of the adductor group. The pectineus is the utmost superior adductor. In addition to the pectineus, there is the gracilis, which fastens from the pubis symphysis to the tibia underneath the knee and forms the inner thigh, but is fairly weak in comparison to the pectineus. There are three muscles...

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