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  This exercise focuses on core strengthening, the hanging knee raise exercise targets the lower abdominals, hip flexors, and lower back.  The upper back and shoulders muscles are contracted in this movement for stability. Its best to keep your torso as stable as possible, don’t allow for your legs to swing back and forth. As this would mean that you would be using momentum to carry the lower body weight instead the muscle contraction from the core. Try not to jerk the movement whilst moving the knees up to chest.

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      This is a great exercise for toning your upper thigh muscles. By training all upper leg muscle sets inside and outside on your upper legs. Will also firm and tone your buttock and core muscles. Power sandbag lunges are simple, yet effective exercises which will combine both upper and lower body's muscles in the exercise. #fitfam #fitfreaks #core #workouts #gymrat #gym #exercises #sandbag #powerbag #training

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Superman Lower Back Exercises  Muscles; Lower back, upper and lower abs, hip flexors. This exercise is excellent for strengthening the lower back, them movement is comfortable and can be completed by most ages. If you do this exercise at home make sure you have a soft and firm surface like a yoga mat. Once the arms have reached the floor repeat the exercise by raising both the legs. Exercise  1. Start position lay with your belly on the floor. Keeping your legs, shoulders and arms in line with one another, important that you face the floor throughout the exercise. 2....

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