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This 600 rep workout focuses on two exercises of specific body muscle groups legs, back and chest. This will improve strength, aim for better technique,  lower weight and higher reps.   Always warm up before the workout and stretch off post workout.    Exercise Equipment Weight Reps Sets Chest Press Barbell 60 kg 10 10 Wall ball Shots Wall ball 5 kg 10 10 Squats N/A bodyweight 10 10 Incline Press Parallel Bars bodyweight 10 10 Bent Over Rows Dumbbells 15 kg 10 10 Lat Rows Close Hand Cable machine 50 kg 10 10 Time scale  15-20 minutes Excellent 21-26...

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  This video provides a basic exercise information for Pulldown Exercise. Pull-downs work your upper back and your core, strengthening both in the process. To do them, attach a pull-down bar to the weight machine and grasp it with your hands about shoulder width apart. Slowly pull the bar down in front of you, to about chest height, before returning to the starting position.

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      This is a great exercise for toning your upper thigh muscles. By training all upper leg muscle sets inside and outside on your upper legs. Will also firm and tone your buttock and core muscles. Power sandbag lunges are simple, yet effective exercises which will combine both upper and lower body's muscles in the exercise. #fitfam #fitfreaks #core #workouts #gymrat #gym #exercises #sandbag #powerbag #training

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