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  The basic Box Squat with exercise.  In the video above we demonstrate the squat exercise using a plyometrics box. You can also use a chair as a marker for this exercise if you wish, this will make sure that you constantly reach the same level.  This exercise is excellent for shaping the top of your legs whilst firming the buttocks. You can also incorporate the abs in this exercise just contract and tense the abdominal when performing the movement.

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  Useful Assistance Exercise for the Deadlift The deadlift, squat, press, clean, and bench press are the foundation of any fruitful, well-designed training routine. That said, there are other exercises that can support these five and improve certain features of their performance. There are quite plainly thousands of exercises that can be executed in a well-furnished gym. Not all of which are beneficial for strength training purposes, though, because few of them really give to the performance of the core barbell exercises. Assistance exercises fall into three classes, they reinforce a part of a movement, as with a partial deadlift (either...

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Would you like to have a fun, interesting hobby that also helps you drop a few pounds? Are you tired of spending all of your fitness time in the gym, performing the same routine day after day after day when you really want to engage in an activity that excites and electrifies you? Fitness should be something that invigorates your mind just as much as it does your body. It should make you feel so good inside and out that you just can’t wait until your next session. Well, what better way to achieve that goal than to incorporate getting...

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