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    CHIN UP EXERCISE You just need an overhead bar to do chin-up exercise. Use a close grip to work on your biceps. As you move up, make sure that your legs are crossed and they don’t touch the ground when you move down. Go to a park or find another place where you can grab ahold of a higher spot and pull your body weight up and off the ground. This will tax your arms and upper back, giving you a great upper body workout without any equipment at all.

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Would you like to have a fun, interesting hobby that also helps you drop a few pounds? Are you tired of spending all of your fitness time in the gym, performing the same routine day after day after day when you really want to engage in an activity that excites and electrifies you? Fitness should be something that invigorates your mind just as much as it does your body. It should make you feel so good inside and out that you just can’t wait until your next session. Well, what better way to achieve that goal than to incorporate getting...

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