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  This video provides a basic exercise information for Pulldown Exercise. Pull-downs work your upper back and your core, strengthening both in the process. To do them, attach a pull-down bar to the weight machine and grasp it with your hands about shoulder width apart. Slowly pull the bar down in front of you, to about chest height, before returning to the starting position.

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I am using the press up stands with this exercise. In this is a simple exercise as demonstrated in the video above, I walk forward on my hands using the stands for stability. In this video I walk forward 10 paces, every movement forward is slow and controlled with an added press up with every step. This helps strengthen shoulder muscles for stability, whilst working the pectorals for the press movement. You can also lift your knee up to the elbow on the way down to increase the resistance in this exercise, if you wish. Much like a spiderman press-up. ...

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