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A new discovery found that consuming more fish oil in your diet can help you achieve your weight loss goals faster.The recent study took place in Austrialia with a group of obese individuals, over three months they were placed into 4 separate groups and given different tasks to complete.    Group 1 -  Changed their diet by eating more fish oils, but didn’t exercise regularly Group 2 -  Exercised 3 days a week for 45 minutes cardiovascular exercise (running and walking), without any fish oils  Group 3 - Combined fish oils and cardiovascular exercise 3 times per week Group 4...

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    Although some use travelling as an excuse to not workout, the truth is that you can still maintain your fitness level whether you are going to far-away lands for work or just sending yourself on a much earned holiday. And, you can do it quite easily with just a few pieces of equipment. Here are a couple of great fitness purchases you’re going to want to make if there are some travel plans in your near future and you want to keep your health a priority: Resistance Bands – Not only are resistance bands travel friendly in that...

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