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   Fitness Health Sandbag Power bag Shoulder and Chest Exercise Training . This video provides a basic exercise information with use of the FH sand bag. Exercising with sandbags can be a challenging test of fitness. In the video above I have completed an upper body exercise combining the incline press up with the kneeling sandbag overhead press. This was one of three combination exercises. I completed this exercise 3 sets with 10 repetitions on each set. If your a beginner please use a lower weight bag.  View the product here

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  To increase the speed of your upper body movements, get in a push up position and push your body up quickly and forcefully, causing your palms to leave the floor for a moment. Just make sure you keep your abdominal muscles tight so your back stays in proper form. The great thing about press ups is that they do amazing things for your upper body development. They work your arms (biceps and triceps), but they also build the muscles in your chest, shoulders, and upper back. 

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  Plyometrics exercise's with jump training not only makes you faster, but it also increases your strength which benefits your explosiveness. Helping you increase your fast twitch muscle fibres can benefit not only your speed but also strength and size. The goal is to use platforms or boxes of varying heights and jump using a variety of speeds so that you can work your body in a number of ways. This will promote both strength and muscular gains.  If you find the height too easy then you can increase the resistance by adding a weighted vest into the movement. Adding an...

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