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  We all like to exercise with music wheather you are running, rowing, weightlifitng music seems to be the prefect companian. Why do we like music so much ? new scientific research has been made looking into the effects of music with exercise.They found that if we listen to music whilst exercising benefits can be made to our overall workout performance.   According to research from Ohio State University the music enhances the frontal ear lobe when this  happens our human brain begins to work hard trying to sort out all the different tones, sounds, sequences and timings from the...

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    Although some use travelling as an excuse to not workout, the truth is that you can still maintain your fitness level whether you are going to far-away lands for work or just sending yourself on a much earned holiday. And, you can do it quite easily with just a few pieces of equipment. Here are a couple of great fitness purchases you’re going to want to make if there are some travel plans in your near future and you want to keep your health a priority: Resistance Bands – Not only are resistance bands travel friendly in that...

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