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  In this full body strength workout I spilt the session into 3 parts each part being 3 exercised. I completed 3 sets of each part as shown above and rested 1 minute between sets.  Farmers walk 60kgoverhead press dumbbell 20kg bicep curl dumbbell 20kg Deadlift 80 kglat pulldown 50kg hammer curl dumbbell 20kg Sandbag Burpee 20 kgfrontal shoulder straight arm 30kgtricep extensions 30k#workinprogress #workouts #fithealth #fitness #strong #trainhard #fitnessjourney #workouts #perform #exercise #strength #working #gymtime #gymmotivation #gymislife @fitnesshealth.co

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    The answer that everybody wants to know at the gym  "Which cardio machine will  burn the most calories ?" In order to burn calories you need to activate more muscles during your exercise. Unsurprisingly the treadmill is number 1 for burning more calories that any other machine. In a recent study students at Dublin University researched this topic, they discovered that the calorie burn rate ratio on the running machine (treadmill) was twice more effective than exercise on the cycling machine burning more than double the amount of calories.   Running  for cardiovascular training was the best way to...

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