Think You’re Cut Out for Doing CrossFit? Take This Quiz


Not sure if you’re ready to join the world of CrossFit? Don’t worry. We’ve developed this short 10-question quiz that you can take right now to help you decide whether you’re physically and mentally ready for this particular sport …

Question #1: Can you move a bag of groceries from your car to your house?

Question #2: Can you pick an infant or toddler up from the floor?

Question #3: Can you reach above you, as if to remove something from a higher shelf?

Question #4: Can you do light intensity cardio (such as a fast walk or bicycling) for small periods of time?

Question #5: Can you jump in the air a few inches?

Question #6: Are you ready and willing to push your body beyond your current physical limits?

Question #7: Does the idea of challenging yourself physically make you feel excited?

Question #8: Are you willing to put in some effort to create the body you want?

Question #9: Are you comfortable placing trust in a CrossFit trainer so he or she can help you achieve your desired results?

Question #10: Are you willing to listen to instruction and perform the exercises using proper form and technique?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then you’re more than ready to begin a CrossFit program.

To make this new exercise venture more successful, just make sure you choose one that is designed for beginners. This way, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to perform CrossFit correctly, maximizing your results and minimizing your risk of injury.

Some instructors will even let you come and watch a class to help you decide whether this form of fitness is for you. This may be one way to work up the courage to join yourself, making it well worth asking.

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