Best Way to Burn Belly Fat with Fat Burner Supplements

Best Way to Burn Belly Fat with Fat Burner Supplements


Do fat burner supplements ring any bells? Of course, they do. Fat burner supplements are notorious in the beauty and fitness market. Now, you may think of them as pills that can instantly meltdown all of your unwanted body fat like an ice cream cone on a hot, summer day. But, sorry to break it to you, these supplements don’t work like magic. They are called ‘supplements’ for a reason. They can’t take the place of a well-planned diet and workout routine.

Also, they come with health risks and are therefore not regulated by food authorities.

So, how do you get rid of that flabby belly? Are there no fat burner supplements that are considered safe?

Don't worry! We say this because we have you covered with a well-intended list of natural belly fat burner supplements to help you reach your weight loss goals.

  1. Caffeine

There is a reason why caffeine is incorporated in most fat burning supplements: it’s the real deal. Caffeine alone is responsible for driving up your metabolism, leading to a more effective fat burn process.

According to substantial research, caffeine can stimulate your metabolism by 16% in just an hour or two. Crazy, right?

So, don’t forget to drink at least one mug of coffee or green tea daily. Of course, don’t add to much sugar in it as that won’t help with losing weight.

  1. Green Tea Extract

When you squeeze out all the good parts from green tea, you end up with green tea extract. It also comes in powdered or a capsule form for convenience.

As mentioned before, green tea extract is infused with caffeine. But, there is more to it. Green tea extract is also rich in epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Together, these powerful agents burn fat through the process of thermogenesis. To put it simply, the process involves burning calories to produce heat.

  1. Protein Powder

What better way to cut down unwanted fat than to replace it with some protein?

Protein works to drive up your metabolism, burning away the fat. You get to keep your muscles while shedding away the fat. What’s not to like?

In addition to that, protein hampers a person’s appetite by stimulating fullness hormones like GLP-1, CCK, and PYY while also inhibiting ghrelin, the hunger hormone.

Ingesting protein could be the easiest way out there to lose some belly fat. You can always upgrade your diet to incorporate protein-rich foods. However, if you think adding a lot of protein to your diet is difficult, you can switch to consuming protein powder supplements.

You can begin by adding 1 or 2 scoops of protein powder daily to a shake or meal. Some noteworthy options for protein powders could be soy, casein, or whey.

  1. Soluble Fiber

Soluble fiber also works in a manner similar to protein to help cut down excessive fat levels. It decreases appetite by regulating levels of fullness and hunger hormones.

Besides that, soluble fiber is responsible for absorbing water from the digestive tract to produce a sticky substance, which delays the passing of the nutrients to the gut. This process of slowing down the passage of nutrients gives ample time to the body to digest food, leaving you feeling full for longer than usual.

Soluble fiber supplements can be conveniently found in stores if consuming abundant fiber (by increasing the portion of vegetables) in your diet isn't feasible for you. Such supplements are glucomannan or psyllium husk.

Wrapping It Up

Take note; you can’t go around only depending on fat burners to rid you of extra belly fat. However, these natural fat burner supplements (that we have mentioned) can go a long way when combined with a nutritious diet and fitness regime to get you the desired belly.

Of course, always consult your health provider before making any drastic changes to your diet.

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