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  Exercising regularly is, of course, beneficial for your health; however, it is also important that you keep on making changes to your routine. You need to change things up as your body is capable of getting used to the exercise you do. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you change your routine every two weeks. The ideal time to change your fitness plan is three months. By making small changes, not only will your body benefit from the change, but your mind will be positively impacted as well. Changing your fitness plan can stimulate various muscle groups, and prevent...

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  What do you want a ripped body or an improved strength? There are two reasons why people usually head out to the gym and lift weights; either they wish to gain strength or either they wish to get their body ripped. You either want to become a powerlifter and be as strong as one or you either want to get your body ripped and want to look like a bodybuilder instead. You might have started your gym experience with exercises that were providing you with both strength and helping you in achieving a structured body. However, as you keen...

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