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If you haven’t included rowing in your exercise regime, you are missing out on some pretty great benefits. Benefits that will take you to new and higher levels of fitness. What are those benefits specifically? Here are just a few: Stronger upper body Because rowing involves using your arms, shoulders and upper back to ...READ MORE

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  Body weight training is merely a mode of resistance training in which the resistance is delivered by the body rather than by an external weight such as a barbell or the weight stack of a machine. In cases in which no gear is available or if the individual prefers this type of training, body weight training is a feasible option. It is important to note that the ability to develop maximal strength or power (or both) with body weight training will be eradicated because it cannot provide the intensity necessary to develop these physiological adaptations. To gain maximal benefits...

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It is very difficult to burn fat at a faster rate but certainly it is not impossible. To burn fat fast, you got to have a strict exercising regime along with a low fat and a low calorie diet. You need to do the right exercise for burning the fat at a faster rate. Let us check some of the best exercise for fast fat burning: Ø Squatting - Do three sets of squatting. Each set should be done ten times. Ø Bench Press – Do three sets of bench press. Each set should be done eight times. Ø Leg...

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Build muscle and gain the weight

The important things you need to know about muscular training.





Always use different techniques, doing the same work out will prevent fewer gains and could lead to burning out your muscles.

changing your exercise routine you will be able to keep on top of your training by using different muscle groups. Failing to impose any new techniques such as increasing...

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