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  Visceral fat which is generally known as belly fat is a health concern as it is associated with a higher risk of type 2 Diabetes with severe chances of insulin resistance and even certain cancers along with various heart diseases according to the research published in Yonsei Medical Journal. Moreover, belly fat makes a person conscious of his or her physical appearance. Hence, by following a healthy routine which includes a healthy diet and most significantly a religiously followed exercise plan. Exercise is one of the most efficient ways to curb this demon. But one may ponder, from where...

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Cycling is a tough sport and requires you to have a good amount of strength stored in your body. To become the very best at cycling, experts recommend strength exercises. Incorporating a couple of strength exercises within your routine will only lead you to have a leaner physique. This is because strength exercises help the body to replace fat by muscles. Developing body strength as well as paying attention to your hamstrings, glutes, and core will cause an improvement in power. Additionally, it would also make you further resilient to injuries. Perhaps the biggest advantage of having body strength is...

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  Almost every individual participates in some sort of physical activity in their daily life. Now what type of activity is one participating and what rate of intensity does this activity have is something that usually differs for people. And these different intensity ranges are what make it a lot difficult to determine how much activity is a person doing in a week’s time. In order to find out how much activity you have performed throughout the week, you must transform these activities into a common value which would then allow you to estimate how much you have worked out....

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  This is a 10 minute workout total body workout using resistance bands. Using the Pro Resistance bands for home fitness training. In this video you will find information on using the bands for a mixture of different exercises that focus on working the entire body. With the resistance set you can test your strength with a number of different resistance levels to suit your need. I use lower levels of resistance band on exercises that involve making any movement higher that shoulder level like shoulder raises and heavy resistance bands for lower movements like bicep curls .  View product...

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  You can literally spend months, years even, researching fitness to learn how to create the results you want. However, taking this approach means you’re going to spend more time sitting and less time actually getting the body you desire. To help, here are 10 quick tips that are enough to get you started: Plan to exercise most days of the week to get the best results. Any lesser amount can keep you from reaching your fitness potential. Warm up. You need to get your muscles ready to move or you risk hurting them in your workout. Focus on ALL...

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