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If you’re someone who’s interested in extreme fitness, it’ll do you good to know about the best extreme fitness events out there. Such events are perfect for putting individuals through obstacles that test their physical ability as well as overall focus. Talking about the 10 best extreme fitness events for 2018, it can be argued that the one’s the UK holds are at the very top. Let’s go over them!   Vertical Rush Location: Tower 42, London Type of Event: Tower running Skill Level: Beginner Individually or even as part of a team you need to attempt reaching the top...

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  The CrossFit Games is one of the most physically challenging competitions on the planet. Competitors are made to test their stamina, endurance and strength, and push their bodies to the limit. However, they need to do varied training sessions because they don’t know what challenges they will be facing until they are notified. Here are other surprising things about the games: Two competitions lead up to the Games The Open is the first of three stages, which are followed by Regionals and then the main Games. The Open really is open to anyone and is meant to identify the...

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  The CrossFit fitness regime is an effective way of getting fit in a comparatively less amount of time. That’s why it’s preferred by a lot of people who have busy schedules. Furthermore, it can also be done at home if you can’t take the time out to go to a gym. There’s no need for heavy machinery either. CrossFit Fitness Regime A CrossFit workout makes use of a mixture of different exercises in a limited amount of time. You'll be encouraged to go through rounds that include jumping, squats, weightlifting, jogging pushups and more to increase your strength and...

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  The trend of endurance course events is becoming common now a day. Talking about one of such courses, the Tough Mudder course is at least 10-12 miles long, and it contains more than 20 “military style” obstacles.   A of these obstacles are easy to master, but some are very tough and push you to your limit.  The participants run the course in the name of bravado, fun, and fitness. To make things challenging the obstacles are revealed only a few days before the race.   However, there are some obstacles which are present at every event.   To...

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