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  What is speed training? Speed training refers to the quickness of movement of a limb or a muscle. The term speed training is often interchangeably used with agility training. Both terms talk about the quickness of an athlete’s limbs or how fast he or she can move. The speed or agility of an athlete is influenced by: How mobile the athlete is? The strength of the athlete. The level of endurance. The training technique used by the athlete.   How do athletes develop speed? Speed or agility is very important to athletes. This factor combined with strength defines the...

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  When it comes to being a successful football coach, we all know the competition is fierce. Knowledge of basic skills or getting the right qualification is not sufficient to be an effective coach. It’s about methodology, mental attitude, and management because we know that in football, details are everything. It might seem that coaches are just voices on the field and strategies in a locker room; however, they are far more influential. Having the right attitude and mindset is important for a player, but as a coach, it is essential. Although the execution of a game plan is done...

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