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  Almost every individual participates in some sort of physical activity in their daily life. Now what type of activity is one participating and what rate of intensity does this activity have is something that usually differs for people. And these different intensity ranges are what make it a lot difficult to determine how much activity is a person doing in a week’s time. In order to find out how much activity you have performed throughout the week, you must transform these activities into a common value which would then allow you to estimate how much you have worked out....

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  Millions of people wish to set fitness goals as a part of their New Year resolution or when they feel their body is starting to get out of shape or already is. But how many actually stick to their goals is what matters as very few do. Some of them don’t attempt to follow their goals in first place while others lose their motivation after some time. It turns out coming up with weight loss goals is insufficient for maintaining workout inspiration in the long run. Here are a few things you should add in your life in order...

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