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Many of us face a problem of being slow. The thing that irritates the most is your friends or other people calling you slack. Some people tag you as a lazy person and whenever you meet some new person, they introduce you as slack or lazy person before them. This ruins your repute and personality impression over them. Brisk walking is something that can help you increase your speed. Brisk walking is a moderate-intensity exercise and has more benefits for fitness and heath reducing risks than walking at an easy pace. How fast you must walk for it to be...

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  As a service-based professional, your level of effectiveness is often determined by the tools you have to use. For instance, if you’re a plumber, you’re probably not going to get very far without a wrench. And if you’re a carpet cleaner, not having a machine is likely going to stop anyone from calling you because you’re going to take too much time. The same is true for wellness professionals. So what types of tools should you be using if this is your chosen industry? Here are four: Heart rate monitor Not only does this device help you assess whether...

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  When you were growing up, did your mom ever tell you to get away from the TV and go outside and play to get some physical exercise? Or maybe she had a particular exercise-related saying that is still stuck in your head all of these years later, such as “If you want good health, you need to exercise” or “If you don’t exercise, you’ll never be all you can be.” Even though we didn’t always want to listen to our moms when they were telling us how to live our lives or giving us advice about what to do...

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  Emergency rooms and doctor’s offices see tens of thousands of people annually due to exercise-related injuries. Some of the most common include tennis elbow, shin splints, carpel tunnel, rotator cuff injuries, and tears to the ACL (the anterior cruciate ligament which connects the femur and tibia). While you can’t always keep these types of issues from happening, especially if you engage in sports and are sometimes at the mercy of an opponent who slams into you or by making a quick movement that creates unintended strain, there are some things that you can do to make these types of...

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With a lot of life-threatening health conditions on the rise, doesn’t it make you wonder what our health will be like a century from now? At that point, Popular Mechanics believes that we’ll be even more technologically advanced than we are now, likely changing our health quite a bit. For instance, they estimate that in 100 years, your vital signs (blood pressure, temperature, etc.) will be able to be checked 24 hours a day by tiny sensors. This will give your doctor immediate access to how you’re doing, which could potentially help highlight any minor issues you’re having quickly enough...

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