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  When most people think of exercises to improve health, two types generally come to mind: cardiovascular exercise and strength training. However, there is a third type of physical activity that can improve your body’s health as well and that is stretching. Benefits of Stretching Stretching helps keep your muscles more limber which means that you will enjoy greater amounts of flexibility. This is important when it comes to doing simple things like bending over to pick something up, reaching up for something on a higher shelf, or any other movement that requires that your muscles either expand to beyond...

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  Although some would argue that it is the strength training sessions that make your muscles bigger and stronger, the truth is that it is actually the recovery periods where your muscles experience the most gains. To make a rather complex issue kind of simple, you’re essentially tearing your muscles when you work them out and it is the process of healing of the muscle fibers that result in them growing in size and strength. One way to assist with this recovery is to use a foam roller. Foam rollers offer a number of different benefits. For instance, if your...

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  One of the great things about the Dukan Diet is that you can eat as much as you’d like while on it, almost guaranteeing that you’ll never have to deal with those dreaded, diet-busting hunger pangs. However, although you don’t have to watch portion sizes in your efforts to get into smaller jeans, you do need to focus on eating the foods on the Dukan Diet approved food list dependent upon which stage of the diet you are in. The Attack Phase The Attack Phase is the first phase of the diet and the one that is intended to...

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