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Too lazy to go to the gym? Does all that heavy machinery make you nervous? Here are ten simple workouts that are not only easy but can be done in the comfort of your room. The Cobra This routine is bound to relax your muscles and make you feel fresh! All you have to do is lay down, your torso area should be facing the yoga mat. This will allow your back to form an arch .This exercise can not only help you get rid of spine problems but is really good for toning the body. It definitely deserves to...

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In our lifetime we experience many physiological pains, and ailments, but fortunately for every difficulty, there’s an ease, and we can find solutions to various health problems. It is not rare to go through muscle discomforts such as spasms, cramps, or muscle pain; this often occurs due to stress, fatigue or from engaging in excessive work outs. Doctors usually prescribe over-the-counter muscle relaxers in the form of medicinal drugs, which work wonders but do carry their fair share of side effects and contain chemically synthesized compounds which can prove damaging to the body in their long-term use. Luckily, sedative compounds...

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  Altitude training is the kind of workout that's meant for professional athletes. Such kind of training includes working out at high altitudes for several weeks. Altitude training can take place in an area that's 2, 4000 meters above sea level. As the name suggests, a high altitude place is somewhere the air pressure reduced, and that's what this sort of training makes use of.  The decrease in air pressure means low oxygen for your body. This is also known as "thinning of the air." Due to low oxygen levels, your body will start to make more red blood cells...

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    In the simplest of terms, "physique" can be defined as the form, size, and development of a person's body (i.e.) the structure of the human body. The possession of a sound and vigorous mentality and showing emotional and physical well-being is what factors into an individual being considered healthy. Thus, combining the two, "healthy physique" can be defined as a term in which a person's body structure is strong both physically and emotionally. Some of the ways to help you build a healthy physique are listed below. Eat Healthy and Well Skipping meals and denying your body the...

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  Are you very passionate about workouts and always try to find new ways of becoming better every day? Then it might be the time for you to make your passion a fruitful career. If you are always choosing health over anything else, then you should try to become a personal trainer. It will not only help you on your journey to fitness but will also enable you to help others. Before discussing tips about becoming a personal trainer, you must know what it means to be a personal trainer. The job of a personal trainer: A personal trainer suggests...

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