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Whether you take part in marathons or you run as a hobby, you must be aware of what heart rate zones are, as well as the different types and the training sessions that you can adapt accordingly. What is heart rate zone? Heart rate zone can be defined as a range which has an upper and a lower limit of different training intensities. The heart rate zone can be calculated by using an age-predicted maximum heart rate, which is known as HRmax and an equation called heart rate reserve. Heart rate zones can also be defined as the percentage of...

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  Maintaining your heart rate is very important for your overall health. These are the 10 best exercises that help reduce heart rate and give rise to a better lifestyle: Brisk walking This particular exercise has been termed as a "natural" exercise as this is what we are conditioned to do. Whether we walk on a treadmill or really get some miles "under our feet" on the track, this happens to be one of the best ways to stay healthy and fit and maintain our heart rate. Also, this type of exercise can be made enjoyable by wearing comfortable walking...

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