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  A lot of people tend to gain weight because they don’t lead active lifestyles. Almost 90% of people are said to be unhappy with their weight. The unfortunate thing is that gaining weight is far easier that losing it. Not controlling the few pounds you gain over the past few months ends up being numerous pounds that just don’t seem to go away. And while most people spend a lot of money on gyms, they lack the proper motivation to help them get rid of unwanted weight.  They spend hours at the gym but don’t make healthy changes in...

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  Are you willing to spend some quality vacation time without putting your exercise and workout routine on hold? Are you staying in a hotel due to professional reasons but still want to remain active? Even though you might not be able to visit the hotel's gym, or if the said establishment you're staying at doesn't have a gym, you can still workout. Here are the 10 fitness exercises you can do in a hotel room! Planking Getting into a plank position is an easy exercise you can do in a hotel room. It (planking) doesn't even require a lot...

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  If you’re going on holiday, it could be hard to find the time and opportunity to stay in shape. However, there is workout equipment on the market that is portable and lightweight, so you don’t have to spend hours in an expensive hotel gym or overload your suitcase. Read on to find the best pieces of equipment for you to get a quick workout in, before you head out for some sightseeing: Suspension set The TRX Suspension Trainer is a great way to work out your biceps and back, and enables you to do exercises like pull-ups, pistol squats...

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