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  The Vorspung Training Programme is not a sports workshop. It is not just for club or elite sportspeople, nor for people with active life­styles. It is a project for anyone: any age; either gender; any ethnicity; any ability; with any ailment (physical or cerebral); and whether you are interested in sports or not. However, The Vorspung Project can benefit: elite or club sports people (involved in any sport); house wives/husbands engaged in daily household chores; people with anger management problems; Dyslexia; Autism; learning difficulties; time management problems; and poor balance. The various workshops: some involving physical ('sport' like) exercises;...

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If you’re one of the 300 million active monthly Instagram users, then you are in luck. Not only does this social media platform connect you with images of your favorite kinds of scenery, the cutest babies and animals, and meals you can almost taste, but you can also use it to motivate and inspire you when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. In fact, if you don’t already have these top five fitness enthusiasts in your feed, then you may want to add them now: Burn This. Staying motivated long enough to get fit is usually half the battle...

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  When most people think of fitness for children, they imagine kids running all around, engaged in activities that help them burn calories and promote positive muscle growth. But what about the children who have a physical disability that limits some of their movements? Or the mentally disabled child who may not be able to understand complex fitness actions or how to engage in them? Fortunately, physical activity offers them some great fitness benefits. Some are the same as for other children, but some are additional and provide a little extra incentive for them to get active despite their disability....

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      If you’ve ever participated in a Tough Mudder, then you know how great you feel when you are able to summon all of your mental and physical strength and energy in an effort to complete the course. Well, now Tough Mudder has made that feeling possible for children by designing and implementing an obstacle course meant solely for them. It is called the Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder and it is available in the U.K., U.S., and Ireland to all children who stand at least 1.1m tall. What kinds of obstacles do the children get to overcome? One...

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One of the number one complaints in regard to exercise is time. After all, when you are struggling to meet work deadlines, take care of your family, and handle all of your other obligations, when are you supposed to be able to find the time to work up a sweat and get healthy? Well, if time is a challenge for you, here are seven ways to help you fit exercise into your schedule so that you can also fit into clothes that are smaller in size: #1 – Put it in your calendar book. By writing your exercise into your schedule, you’re more likely...

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