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  Resistance loop bands are used for a number of fitness-related purposes. They have a number of benefits and are ideal for exercises targeting the lower body. A reliable recommendation is the resistance loop bands offered by Fitness Health. Benefits of resistance loop bands Resistance loop bands have become common training equipment, primarily, because of the following benefits: Complete body toning with a low-impact Resistance bands provide a total-body, comprehensive toning workout which doesn’t have a lot of impact on the joints. So, you can continue to say fit without putting too much strain on your joints. It provides numerous...

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    This short video provides the best basic exercises for speed increase using the mini resistance loop bands. The exercises are mostly focused on balance strengthening and activating fast twitch muscle fibres. By completing these exercises you will increase strength and mobility for abductors, glutes and quads.  The exercises in the video can be used in explosive circuit workouts for HITT training. The video just shows a slow motion rep so you can see the exercise in more detail and correct yourself for form.  In order to increase speed you need to mix a number of different training systems....

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