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Anaerobic training is intense exercise that seriously reduces oxygen levels in the body. It is the opposite of aerobic training, which is low-intensity but it keeps your heart rate steady. Aerobic exercises can be turned into anaerobic ones if the intensity is increased. Here are ten ways you can improve your anaerobic training: Flat sprints These require explosiveness and engage certain muscle groups which are important for enhancing leg strength and running economy. Try warming up with a slow jog for three minutes, then sprint for 30 seconds and jog again for one minute. Do five sets of these at...

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  When you start a new exercise program, you may find that you gain weight at first instead of losing it. It’s nothing to worry about and you’re not doing anything wrong, so don’t give up. Some types of exercise, such as strength training, can make you gain weight because of added muscle. Water retention is another cause of weight gain. Experts say that this happens as part of a healing process, and is a way of getting glycogen into the body more efficiently. This leads to the weight gain. If you have concerns, have your body fat checked by...

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  If you have enough space, having your own home gym is a brilliant investment. You don’t need to go through traffic to get there, there are no membership fees and it is more convenient if you are short of time. Read on to find out more about the benefits of having your own gym.   No fees Commercial gyms always say they are affordable, but the funds will add up over time into hundreds of pounds. For example, if you had a £30-a-month membership, this would mount up to £360 a year altogether. You could buy a set of...

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  Almost every individual participates in some sort of physical activity in their daily life. Now what type of activity is one participating and what rate of intensity does this activity have is something that usually differs for people. And these different intensity ranges are what make it a lot difficult to determine how much activity is a person doing in a week’s time. In order to find out how much activity you have performed throughout the week, you must transform these activities into a common value which would then allow you to estimate how much you have worked out....

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  What are isolation exercises? Well if you happen to be someone who spends their time in the gym doing weight training, then you must be aware of the fact that there are some different types of exercises which you can include in your workout schedule. One of these different exercises includes isolation exercises. So, what are isolation exercises? Isolation exercises are exercises which require you to move only one joint and muscle group while you are working out. These exercises are extremely helpful when you are suffering from some kind of muscular imbalance or some sort of an injury....

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