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  Do you know honeybees are not a source for honey alone? Well yes, they are the source for bee pollen too. Honeybees sit on a number of flowers and extract nectar and pollen out of them. Pollen is actually the male seed of the flower when they collect the pollen they rub it with their legs and convert it into crunchy bee pollen to feed their younger ones. However, the bee pollen can be beneficial for human consumptions too. The German Federal Board of Health has officially recommended bee pollen for manufacturing medicines as well. If you want to...

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    We are always being told that exercise is good for us and we should do it regularly. Working out stops us from living sedentary lifestyles, prevents disease and enables athletes to train their bodies to perform above their normal capacity. However, exercising too much can be dangerous and cause problems for many people. Here are some examples why you shouldn’t work out every day: You’re injured Some people believe the mantra “no pain, no gain”. However, this saying is wrong as pain is an essential piece of information. You should never ignore or push through it but listen...

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  Being a gymnast requires having a body that is extremely flexible, enabling you to move the different parts of your body in various directions to fully master your routine. This makes performing muscle-loosening exercises critical to doing as well as you can while on the mats or bars. Here are three of the best, most basic flexibility movements you’ll want to add to your fitness regimen if you haven’t already: Pike Stretch This exercise helps stretch the muscles in your back and lower body. To do it, sit on the floor with your legs outstretched fully in front of...

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  As a professional, you’re only as good as the tools you use to do your job. So, what if you’re in the health industry? What tools are critical to providing your clients a higher level of service? Here are four to consider: Test Results Most health issues can be found simply by running tests. For instance, you can determine your cholesterol levels with a blood test and your blood pressure can be easily be taken with a cuff, a standard piece of equipment for most any doctor’s office. As a health professional, you need to know these types of...

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