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  Rugby union or commonly known as rugby is a contact team sport. Originated in England, it has become a popular sport around the world. In its most common form, players of 2 teams try to slot goals against each other by running with an oval shaped on a rectangular field. Being a contact sports game, rugby places great physical demands on its participants. It requires athletes to perform at high levels of almost every component of fitness. Strength Speed Endurance Agility However, speed is one of the vital factors that differ significantly between levels of performance within the sport....

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  Agility is the distinguishing factor amongst athletes. There are a number of athletes out there who however are not the star players in the team, but because of their swiftness and pace, they are almost impossible to defend. Over the years there have been multiple ways to describe agility, but now one common definition that is being followed in almost all sports is that agility refers to a sudden swift reaction of an athlete when he/she faces an unusual situation. It requires multiple changes in direction and use of instant reflexes. When an athlete is able to do this,...

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  Are you a soccer freak who wants to carve his name in the name of soccer? It is not something difficult to achieve. If you want your dreams to come true, then, it’s time to start practicing today.  A perfect performance needs perfect practice and this is possible only when you have the best pieces of soccer training equipment. Soccer is not merely rolling the ball on the playground, but it is actually how well you pass, you kick, you drift, you dodge and you push the ball into the goal. So if you are planning to start your...

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    Kinetic bands, or KBands, are a tool that helps you to train smarter instead of harder. They are worn above the knees, and designed to strengthen your leg muscles and lower body. They can help to increase your stamina, flexibility and running speed as a result. Read on to see some of the best exercises you can do with them:   Training for Sport This type of training varies in every kind of sport, but developing speed is essential for improving performance in all sports. One part of this training includes drills, which can be done with KBands....

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  Are you a runner? Planning on taking part in a marathon? Or are you someone who has just started running and wants to push yourself and get that first mile done? Now, whether you are someone who’s been running for years or someone who has just started running, there are times when sometimes you feel that despite the fact you’re pushing really hard you aren’t able to gain the amount of speed or cover the distance you want. Also, you might notice how quick you tend to feel tired and breathless. This is where you should realise that it’s...

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