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  For those people who optimistically made a New Year’s resolution to stay fit and do a bit more exercise, running is quite a good option. But is it better to do your running outside, or you should do it on a treadmill indoor without leaving the comfort of your own house? The debate over whether the quality of treadmill running or outside running is ‘better’ is not a new one. This article reviews the pro and cons of both running on a treadmill and road running. Running on a Treadmill: The treadmill is one of the most popular types...

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Many of us face a problem of being slow. The thing that irritates the most is your friends or other people calling you slack. Some people tag you as a lazy person and whenever you meet some new person, they introduce you as slack or lazy person before them. This ruins your repute and personality impression over them. Brisk walking is something that can help you increase your speed. Brisk walking is a moderate-intensity exercise and has more benefits for fitness and heath reducing risks than walking at an easy pace. How fast you must walk for it to be...

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Regardless of what type of sport an athlete is participating in, Olympics are extremely challenging and require a huge level of endurance and skills to compete. In the Olympics, you face off against the best in every category, and in order to compete against them you need to train rigorously, and that too under volatile climate changes and surroundings. Keep on reading for the top three toughest Olympic sports. Gymnastics One of the fan favorites, gymnastics can often appear to be an easy sport. However, that is not the case. In fact, gymnastics is the toughest Olympic sport. This is...

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  How to work out your personal EPOC level? Introduction The EPOC is the state described when the amount of oxygen consumed by the body following some exercise is in excess of the pre-exercise oxygen consumption baseline level. This means that the body uses more oxygen after physical activity than before it. So, the individual doing it has to expend more calories during the recovery period from the exercise. Reason for the EPOCH condition Why EPOCH occurs is due to the fact that after some exercise, the body needs to restore itself to its resting state. This means that the...

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Whether you take part in marathons or you run as a hobby, you must be aware of what heart rate zones are, as well as the different types and the training sessions that you can adapt accordingly. What is heart rate zone? Heart rate zone can be defined as a range which has an upper and a lower limit of different training intensities. The heart rate zone can be calculated by using an age-predicted maximum heart rate, which is known as HRmax and an equation called heart rate reserve. Heart rate zones can also be defined as the percentage of...

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