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  When it comes to being a successful football coach, we all know the competition is fierce. Knowledge of basic skills or getting the right qualification is not sufficient to be an effective coach. It’s about methodology, mental attitude, and management because we know that in football, details are everything. It might seem that coaches are just voices on the field and strategies in a locker room; however, they are far more influential. Having the right attitude and mindset is important for a player, but as a coach, it is essential. Although the execution of a game plan is done...

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  Agility is the distinguishing factor amongst athletes. There are a number of athletes out there who however are not the star players in the team, but because of their swiftness and pace, they are almost impossible to defend. Over the years there have been multiple ways to describe agility, but now one common definition that is being followed in almost all sports is that agility refers to a sudden swift reaction of an athlete when he/she faces an unusual situation. It requires multiple changes in direction and use of instant reflexes. When an athlete is able to do this,...

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  Are you a soccer freak who wants to carve his name in the name of soccer? It is not something difficult to achieve. If you want your dreams to come true, then, it’s time to start practicing today.  A perfect performance needs perfect practice and this is possible only when you have the best pieces of soccer training equipment. Soccer is not merely rolling the ball on the playground, but it is actually how well you pass, you kick, you drift, you dodge and you push the ball into the goal. So if you are planning to start your...

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  If you don't have a field or a ball, you can still train for soccer using the equipment you find in a gym or fitness centre. You can build muscle, improve your cardio-respiratory functions and train your heart and lungs for the high-intensity, start-and-stop demands of soccer. Using a year-round periodization plan, you can use a gym to get and stay in top shape for soccer. If you do nothing but follow a generalized weights routine you find in popular fitness magazines, you will increase your power. Do this in-between seasons. Another, highly effective form of power training is...

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