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  There are ten items that should always be present in the gym bag to ensure that you have an efficient and fruitful workout and also to avoid any mishaps like paying extra just because you forgot your pair of socks! Find out the ten things that must be present. Water bottle: This item goes without saying. However, a lot of people forget to keep a water bottle. Having a reusable, empty bottle of water which you can refill on the go ensures that you stay hydrated always. In fact, this is also a pocket-friendly and an eco-friendly option than...

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  Are you suffering from back pain? Are you finding it extremely difficult to move around without experiencing extreme jolts of pain? Well yes, this is because you have managed to injure your spinal cord. The spinal cord is an important part of your body; it allows your muscles and tendons to move around easily without causing you any sort of issues. Now if you were to suffer from any sort of back pain, bear in mind that it could cause you to suffer from extreme pain and immobility as well. While there are many back exercises that help in...

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  When you’re working out in order to build your muscles and enhance your physique, drinking protein shakes can definitely help get you there. The question is, how many a day should you consume? In order to answer this most effectively for you, you first need to know how much protein you need on a daily basis. This amount varies from person to person but, ideally, 1 – 1 ½ grams of protein for every pound of lean body mass is what most experts recommend. Of course, this requires knowing what your lean body mass is. To find this number,...

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  The key to losing weight and keeping it off is boosting your metabolism as often as possible throughout your day so your body’s fat burning furnace is always on high. How? Simple. Just do these 10 things. Often. Engage in interval training. Interval training has been found to have many metabolism boosting effects. To do it, alternate between low and high intensities within your workout sessions. Increasing workout intensity. Another option is to take your current workout and kick it up a notch. Or two. Upping workout duration. If you’re already working out hard, you can also lengthen the...

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  Although some would argue that it is the strength training sessions that make your muscles bigger and stronger, the truth is that it is actually the recovery periods where your muscles experience the most gains. To make a rather complex issue kind of simple, you’re essentially tearing your muscles when you work them out and it is the process of healing of the muscle fibers that result in them growing in size and strength. One way to assist with this recovery is to use a foam roller. Foam rollers offer a number of different benefits. For instance, if your...

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