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 The aim to stay healthy seems to be on the rise these days. Numerous people want to achieve their fitness goals, and a lot of gyms seem to have popped up all over the place. While going to a gym is a good way to get on track to a healthier body, not a lot of them offer much. Most gyms make use of flashy exercise equipment to attract customers. Using a machine won't do you any good if you aren't using it correctly or if it doesn't offer you the means to reach the fitness goals you want. This...

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  The CrossFit Games is one of the most physically challenging competitions on the planet. Competitors are made to test their stamina, endurance and strength, and push their bodies to the limit. However, they need to do varied training sessions because they don’t know what challenges they will be facing until they are notified. Here are other surprising things about the games: Two competitions lead up to the Games The Open is the first of three stages, which are followed by Regionals and then the main Games. The Open really is open to anyone and is meant to identify the...

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  The CrossFit fitness regime is an effective way of getting fit in a comparatively less amount of time. That’s why it’s preferred by a lot of people who have busy schedules. Furthermore, it can also be done at home if you can’t take the time out to go to a gym. There’s no need for heavy machinery either. CrossFit Fitness Regime A CrossFit workout makes use of a mixture of different exercises in a limited amount of time. You'll be encouraged to go through rounds that include jumping, squats, weightlifting, jogging pushups and more to increase your strength and...

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  If you own a gym or a fitness centre, or you have equipment in your house, it is crucial to keep everything well maintained so you can get the most out of them. You might not realise it yet, but all fitness equipment will ruin if not looked after properly. Whether it is the heavy machines you see in a gym or even small sized equipment for home use, everything needs to be maintained. This is imperative for gym owners because your clients won't like seeing the 'Out of Order' sign on the equipment they want to use.  Furthermore,...

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Ever since bodybuilding became a thing, training the biceps and triceps as well as forearms became necessary for a physically appealing look. Even average lifters often focus on these body parts first. Unfortunately, most are missing out on possible gains due to miserable training plans. As a training novice, where do you start in your quest to gain bigger arms? Some will actually conduct research on the web to find optimal strategies, but most will buy popular magazines and look at pro bodybuilders. What they typically suggest is a high volume, high isolation approach.  A sample training session involves 3...

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