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  When you’re working out in order to build your muscles and enhance your physique, drinking protein shakes can definitely help get you there. The question is, how many a day should you consume? In order to answer this most effectively for you, you first need to know how much protein you need on a daily basis. This amount varies from person to person but, ideally, 1 – 1 ½ grams of protein for every pound of lean body mass is what most experts recommend. Of course, this requires knowing what your lean body mass is. To find this number,...

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  Arousal, or an individual’s general level of central nervous system excitement and activation, plays a noteworthy role in the ability to achieve tasks both rapidly and precisely. The inverted U value further clarifies the relationship between arousal and performance. The inverted U hypothesis postulates that arousal assists performance to a certain degree. If the arousal level is too low or too high, the individual fails to yield high-level performance. The zone of optimal functioning, or simply ‘the zone’, is the level of arousal for the best mixing of both the physical and mental practices linked with maximal performance. It...

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