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Whether your goal is to build massive muscles or simply give your body more tone, you aren’t going to achieve either if you believe the misconceptions related to muscles. Here are nine of the most common: You’ll get a bodybuilder’s physique if you lift heavier weights. The only way you’ll build that much muscle is to add supplements to your routine. To build muscle, protein is the only nutrient that matters. The truth is that carbohydrates are important too, especially for energy. You shouldn’t work out a muscle that is sore. Some soreness is natural if you’re pushing your physical...

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  Although most people think of fitness as a personal goal, the reality is that your shape impacts your work too. With that thought in mind, here are six things about fitness your boss wants you to know: The more in shape you are, the more productive you are. Research has found that people who exercise tend to get more done thanks largely to increased blood flow to the brain. This may explain why a high number of CEOs and top entrepreneurs make exercise part of their daily habit. When you’re fit, you’ll take fewer sick days. While you might...

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  When it comes to losing weight, not all options are cheap. In fact, some programs cost hundreds and hundreds per month, which often means that you have to choose between saving your money or saving your waistline…the former of which usually wins. Fortunately, there are some online diet programs that are available at no cost to you. Here are a few of the best ones: FitClick. One of the most impressive things about FitClick is that this site offers a few different eating programs (some designed by FitClick and others created by members), allowing you to choose the one...

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  If you prefer to exercise solo, you’re certainly not alone. In fact, if you look around most any gym or fitness center, you’ll likely see more people working out on their own than you will those getting more fit in groups. While there’s nothing wrong with building a better body by yourself, group fitness training does offer some benefits. Here are a few: They can be more fun. This is especially important if you are struggling to get yourself to the gym day after day as finding ways to make your workout more fun increase the likelihood that you’ll...

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Whether you are male or female, a chiseled chest can really enhance your physique. Furthermore, building the muscles in this area of your body also makes it easier to engage in everyday activities like picking up your kids or moving around heavy boxes. How do you increase your chest workout so that you get a chest that is more appealing and functional? Engage in Suspension Training Suspension training is great for working the various muscles in your chest, your largest being your pecs. When you are pulling and pushing your body in various directions via this type of strength training...

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