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  When it comes to being a successful football coach, we all know the competition is fierce. Knowledge of basic skills or getting the right qualification is not sufficient to be an effective coach. It’s about methodology, mental attitude, and management because we know that in football, details are everything. It might seem that coaches are just voices on the field and strategies in a locker room; however, they are far more influential. Having the right attitude and mindset is important for a player, but as a coach, it is essential. Although the execution of a game plan is done...

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  Football, also known as association football or soccer, is a game played between players of 2 teams. The team with more goals wins. Football is considered as the world’s most popular game in numbers of participants and spectators. It can be played almost anywhere, from official football playing fields, streets, schools, parks, playgrounds, for its simple rules and equipment. Out of all professional games, football requires the most elaborated uniform essentials.  This is because football is admittedly a rough and dangerous game. Additionally, when it comes to football, the competition is fierce. Preparation is the key if you want...

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Keeping your lifestyle healthy is an essential need if you don't want to fall ill. We all look for some ways to keep our lives fit and pro-active if we have certain health goals to meet. There are a various number of ways to go about it. A healthy diet, walking, going to the gym, etc. can all help to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, not all of us have hours to spend at the gym. But that doesn't mean you can't get the most for just a 30-minute gym session. If you've only got 30 minutes for your entire...

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  Are you a night person and feels like dragging yourself to get for a tough morning workout? Or are you wondering how can the guy next to you ace in every gym exercise when you seem to have to most strength? Feeding to your curiosity, here is a secret that can help you stay wide-awake or to work out like a maniac for as long as it is required.  Add some caffeine in your pre-workout drinks and see the difference. A cup of coffee or a caffeine intake can spark up a level of energy in your body thereby...

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    General Physical Preparedness (GPP) is said to be important for athletes in order to excel at what they do. Movement is a part of every sport. Movement is created by bones and muscles and hence, strong bones and muscles are necessary to make powerful, rapid movements. Each athlete requires a unique training program to finesse at their particular skill set. However, before they learn that, it is necessary that they know how to control their body i.e. cut, accelerate and decelerate and move properly on the field of play. An athlete needs to be exceptionally good at strength...

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