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    When it comes to getting and staying in shape, there are a lot of tools at your disposal. You have treadmills, the elliptical, hand weights, and resistance bands. But what if the most powerful tools aren’t necessarily exercise equipment?  The reality is that reaching a goal takes more than having cardio or strength training equipment on hand. In fact, here are three of the most powerful tools when it comes to realizing your health and fitness success: #1: Creating a Visual Goal The more you can “see” your success, the easier it will be for you to attain....

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Using Crossfit Circuit Training to Build Muscle and Burn Fat Most people think you can only build muscle and lose fat separately, well hello circuit training. Circuit training is a type of aerobic lifting that involves working out in short bursts of resistance using lighter weights and more repetitions. Circuit training works by exercising each muscle group for one set then moving on to a different muscle group. After each muscle group is exercised this is considered a circuit, which is why it is called circuit training. Circuit training is usually performed with four to eight sets in a circuit,...

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