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One of the most beneficial exercises of all time is Squats. When done right, they offer multiple health benefits. No matter what kind of a workout regime you have, you must include squats in it. You can reap massive advantages from squats, but you can enhance this even more by adding a hip band. This will help you tone your muscles better, make them leaner, shape your hip as well as boost your lower body strength. A hip band pushes you, even more, when you are doing your squats. The challenge becomes greater, and you burn more fat. This high-power...

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  Often people make a new years resolution which mostly revolves around health and fitness. The best thing you can do is to get enrolled in a 30 day challenge as it is an excellent way to get started with all kind of guidance needed. The challenges are all different from one another and have different needs such as losing weight from different areas of the body. Some of the challenges are based on time while some come under the variety of pass and fail. You must pick such a challenge which is best for you and the one which...

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  We are all aware of the fact that exercising is extremely essential for our health. It becomes more important and necessary when you wish to lose weight. Exercising means the movement which makes the muscles work and then in return burns the calories of your body. There are lots of physical activities for instance jogging, swimming, dancing, walking and running. There are many benefits of exercising and being physically active as well as mentally. In some cases, it is also reported that exercising can also help you to live a longer life. Studies report that being inactive can cause...

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  Everybody is aware of the importance of exercise, but a majority of us balk at the idea of going to the gym. Some of us are embarrassed to go to the gym while some find the membership quite expensive. Not to mention it is not always fun to work out and sweat in front of strangers. Moreover, our busy schedules make it very difficult to find the time to get ready and drive to the gym every day and fit in a gruelling workout. Instead, it is highly convenient to invest in a few simple fitness equipment and workout...

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  It has been a saga as old as time, people, in general, want to indulge in food and all the other delights, all the while maintain their perfect weight with little to no physical work done. During the time of such need, comes supplements or weight reduction medication. Supplements works wonders when one achieves the minimal requirement of healthy food without eating broccoli, for example. While in search of something that would result in weight reduction without doing much labor, scientists stumbled onto Acetyl-L-carnitine [ALCAR]. This tiny little molecule has become a key ingredient in all diet pills and...

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