What supplements are best for burning belly fat?

What supplements are best for burning belly fat? - Fitness Health

We all know that belly fat is one of the most stubborn types of body fat and it is hard to reduce it. This is the reason that many people tend to opt for supplements for help. There are many kinds of supplements which target towards burning belly fat. Many women develop belly fat specially after delivering babies.

Although the best thing that you could possibly do is to eat healthy and exercise but then you can also take help of fat burning supplements that would support you. Let us now have a look at some of the best supplements for burning belly fat.

Green tea and coffee to reduce belly fat

Not only is green tea free from calories but it is also known to greatly reduce belly fat. Green tea includes some antioxidant substances like caffeine and catechins which burn fat greatly. Even coffee has caffeine in it and drinking it will help you to reduce your belly fat.

Carnitine for burning belly fat

Although taking Carnitine is not the only solution to burn belly fat it will help you ofcourse. You need to take this supplement for a long period of time if you want it to work. You will need atleast six months of this supplement only then will your belly start to shrink.

Fish oil

Fish oil supplement is very famous for being healthy and for burning belly fat. Fish oil has some health promoting and anti-abdominal obesity actions so these help in aiding weight loss. While fish oil may not be exactly considered as the best supplement to burn belly fat but it does reduce the visceral fat as it reduces inflammation.


Berberine includes many herbs which can be used to treat diabetes. Berberine is known to activate AMPK which is a protein in cells. When this is activated it tells the cells to use the energy for productive reasons. If incase there is an excess of calorie intake, the activated AMPK brings down the calories to normal. Berberine supplement does not only reduce belly fat, but it is also known to reduce the overall weight.


We have always heard that eating a fiber enriched diet can help in reducing weight as well as in keeping a person healthy. A fiber enriched diet provides a lot of benefits to the health of the person if taken in an adequate amount on an everyday basis. A fiber enriched diet satisfies you more and makes you less likely to feel hungry again and again.

This way less food consumption will lead towards weight loss and thereby the visceral fat will also reduce. There will be less chances of bloating and your waistline will also reduce. So, not only do fiber supplements make you healthy but they provide health benefits and reduce belly fat as well.

The bottom line about supplements that reduce belly fat

On a lighter note, losing and burning belly fat is similar to that of losing weight in general. You need to eat healthy, have a proper sleeping routine, exercise well specially those exercise that aim to reduce belly fat and avoid calories.

If you have a lot of belly fat, then this is a real health issue you might be facing. However, the good news is that there possibly many supplements that can help you to reduce this belly fat of yours. Let us notify you that losing weight is a process, it takes time and a lot of patience. Losing visceral fat is like a marathon. You need to have the required will power as well as the determination to avoid the intake of excess calories.

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