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How Fit Am I? Even if you’re a “normal” weight, that doesn’t mean that you’re fit. Just the same, being “overweight” doesn’t mean that you aren’t fit. Fitness has to do with muscular and cardiovascular strength and endurance, not so much what you weigh on the scale. You can always go to a personal trainer or medical doctor and they can do some testing to find out how you fare. Or, just try complete these three simple do-it-yourself tests at home and you’ll find out immediately just how fit you are: Test #1: Push-ups This particular test will measure your muscular endurance...

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  Are you concerned about your health and wonder which exercises are best for you so you stay in top shape not only on the outside, but the inside too? Would you like to do a workout that not only makes you look good, but increases your longevity as well? When it comes to exercise, there are two reasons most people do it: vanity and health. While there is nothing wrong with working out so to feel more comfortable in front of the mirror, you can’t argue that the benefits to your health are huge. Besides, who doesn’t like the...

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Swimming provides the best physical and mental exercise for your body and brain. Swimming keeps you healthy and it can be done everyday. Swimming is a very effective exercise which can be done at zero or at a very low cost. Swimming has many health benefits. Swimming is the safest exercise routine because it is an injury free routine. Swimming provides total body workout. While swimming the entire body provides resistance to the flow of water and this is the reason why swimming provides optimum workout to each and every muscle of the body. Swimming can be done as a...

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    Losing weight and getting back in shape is not at all easy. It takes lots of courage and determination to lose weight. Many people don’t get time to join a gym because of their hectic work schedule. To remain fit and healthy, it is important for everyone to exercise. To exercise we don’t have to visit a gym because we can also do it at home. Exercising is not at all easy. To exercise at home you need to motivate yourself. Let us check the 5 best ways to motivate your self to exercise at home. 1) Invite...

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It is very difficult to burn fat at a faster rate but certainly it is not impossible. To burn fat fast, you got to have a strict exercising regime along with a low fat and a low calorie diet. You need to do the right exercise for burning the fat at a faster rate. Let us check some of the best exercise for fast fat burning: Ø Squatting - Do three sets of squatting. Each set should be done ten times. Ø Bench Press – Do three sets of bench press. Each set should be done eight times. Ø Leg...

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