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    Losing weight and getting back in shape is not at all easy. It takes lots of courage and determination to lose weight. Many people don’t get time to join a gym because of their hectic work schedule. To remain fit and healthy, it is important for everyone to exercise. To exercise we don’t have to visit a gym because we can also do it at home. Exercising is not at all easy. To exercise at home you need to motivate yourself. Let us check the 5 best ways to motivate your self to exercise at home. 1) Invite...

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It is very difficult to burn fat at a faster rate but certainly it is not impossible. To burn fat fast, you got to have a strict exercising regime along with a low fat and a low calorie diet. You need to do the right exercise for burning the fat at a faster rate. Let us check some of the best exercise for fast fat burning: Ø Squatting - Do three sets of squatting. Each set should be done ten times. Ø Bench Press – Do three sets of bench press. Each set should be done eight times. Ø Leg...

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  Circuit training normally has three different levels known as the beginner, the intermediate and the advanced level. This training helps in improving the stamina and the mobility of the body. It also increases the overall the strength in the body. In circuit training, there are around six to ten strengthening exercises. Each exercise in a circuit is done for certain time period and then the next one is done after some rest. When all the exercises in a circuit are completed then there is a longer resting period after which the next set of circuit training is done. The...

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  Most people dread fitness. Do you know why? They look at it as something they have to do, not something they get to do. This one tiny thought is enough to derail even the best of intentions.   It’s All About Perception When you look at anything as being an obligation versus a choice, of course you’re going to have ill feelings against it. It becomes a chore; something that you feel is necessary to reach a certain goal. And, the more you feel it’s a requirement as opposed to a decision you get to make, the more you begin to despise the...

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Resistance Band Training Looking for a great strength training workout that doesn’t involve bulky, expensive exercise equipment? Something that you can do whether you’re at home or on the go? You might want to consider resistance band training. What is a resistance band? It is a piece of rubber elastic tubing with a handle on each end that you use to perform different strength training exercises. Because you’re not using a machine that guides you through the motion, you are more focused on your form and controlling the movements, resulting in greater core strength in addition to the muscles you’re...

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