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Interval training is the quickest way to lose fat and get fit. If you follow a few simple techniques when your conducting a training session,  you can double your reward and become fitter faster.   In the warm up when warming up get the heart at 50% max heart rate for 5 minutes, this will increase the body output ready for main exercise session. During the main Interval is the key for the main session, its important to use this method of training as it has been proven to be best fitness for the human body, making us faster, quicker...

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Static stretching is a process of stretching in which you lengthen your muscles before exercise.  Most fitness professionals would agree that the practice of static stretching before exercise is not the best way to warm up fitness session. Over the years fitness professionals have conducted plenty of research into the benefits of static stretching before and after exercise finding what benefits and rewards can be gained from stretching.  Unfortunately we are still awaiting the answer to this question,  nothing has been  set in stone to garuantee this form of stretching prevents injury.   Static stretching normally allows the muscles to...

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A new fitness study found that more women are using weights, an increase of 63% of women are weight training or body building. This is great news, often women often seemed put off by weights, thinking that they will grow big muscle and look manly. This is not true , you need to lift super weights to grow big muscles.

Women should be using weights more as it’s important for the bone marrow, this is...

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     Resistance bands and tubes can be adapted to all methods of exercises to add resistance giving you hundreds of movements. Choosing the right tube is important to your overall goal, different strengths are available for different training. All levels of fitness Low resistance  Sculpting, light strength and toning- cardio training, good for runners  -reps 30 Medium resistance   Toning, weight loss and strengthening -  resistance good for Enhancing muscle  great for boxers -reps 20 Heavy resistance Muscle building, joint and body strengthening - great for muscular development and growth - reps 8 These bands  low cost but can...

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Resistance band training Need to cut the cost on expensive gym memberships ? Resistance bands have been in the fitness industry for quite a few years, but have recently made a massive impact on home, traveling and outdoor fitness. New products are being created such like the P90x workout program and FHx30 which focus on resistance band fitness. The  fitness industry is changing with more people looking for new alternatives  and fast results. Most people don't have time to attend gyms, If you have children you'll its difficult to find a nanny to care for them, whilst you workout. With...

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