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Bent over exercise band lateral raises. Muscles; Traps, delts, lower back & triceps. This is a great exercise for strengthening the lower back whilst working shoulders and upper back at the same time. Directions. 1.Bend over making sure you back are parallel to the floor, hold the handles in both hands,  keeping your legs bent. 2. Raise both your arms away laterally from body, until arms is parallel to the floor then return to your start position. A good level of fitness is required before you start this workout. We recommend that you should always consult a doctor before starting...

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Tips for cycling in the winter, before heading out onto the busy roads make sure you complete and check your important items.


Always wear a helmet, in the winter you need to be extra careful, darkness sets in earlier in the day and often visibility is much harder. When we lose our vision problems can happen fast, that why its important to have a helmet and to be well lit when riding the...

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Stretching muscle partsShoulders/ deltoidsstand up straight with your chest out, knees slightly bent and nice neutral spineplace both hands behind your backGrad your right wrist with your left handpull the right arm towards your left side until you feel tension.Hold for 5 secs pre exercise or 10 secs post exercise.change arms and repeat with opposite sideChest/ pectoralsknees slightly bent and nice neutral spine lean forward slightlyplace both palms onto your lower backtry and make your eblows join togetherwhen you feel tension hold, 5 secs pre exercise or 10 secs post exercise.SpineStand with knees shoulder width apart remember knees slightly bent...

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Build muscle and gain the weight

The important things you need to know about muscular training.





Always use different techniques, doing the same work out will prevent fewer gains and could lead to burning out your muscles.

changing your exercise routine you will be able to keep on top of your training by using different muscle groups. Failing to impose any new techniques such as increasing...

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The importance of exercise for children can't afford to be missed. Children today are now experiencing the lowest activity levels ever. The diet for children is also changing and kids are eating more sugary foods and less likely to conduct the appropriate levels of movement required and necessary for development in basic movement. Without the basic movement abilities children are more prone to suffer from cardio diseases and injuries more early on in life than normal. People often think that we are born with basic movement patterns, this is untrue. As we grow we learn and develop these skills in life...

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