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  Depression is a common mental health problem in the world today. It is an illness that can affect many aspects of everyday functioning such as interfering with concentration, motivation, bringing about an overwhelming feeling of sadness and losing interests in activities that one once used to enjoy. This is a disorder that has increasingly afflicted people worldwide and according to statistics, about 15 million Americans suffer from depression every year. Major depressive disorder, often simply called depression, is caused by a number of reasons such as mismanagement of mood by the brain, stress, certain medications, health conditions, etc. Many...

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    In today’s world, people are more considerate about physical fitness and well-being than ever before, and for this reason, they perform various exercises and partake in sports to keep their bodies fit and healthy. Our bodies get various vitamins and nutrients from the food we eat on a daily basis; however, the body doesn’t receive all the required nutrients in the adequate amount. One example of this is a nutrient known as choline. The possible symptoms of choline deficiency include; fatigue, muscle aches, memory loss, and mood swings. To fulfill the additional requirements of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins...

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  Stress may be defined any situation which tends to upset the stability of the living organism and its environment. There are many stressful conditions such as the stress people have to face which comes from work pressure, examinations, psychological stress and physical stress due to certain disturbances and even various medical problems. Hormones Following the extensive range of both physical and mental reactions to stress are some hormones that eventually add fuel to the fire. While preparing the body to answer to experienced stress the level of various hormones change. Reactions to stress are associated with enhanced secretion of...

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    Vitamin C, just like other vitamins is required by the body in only a very small amount. Now, the said amount is small but it is crucial for healthy functioning. Have you been wondering about why you should take the daily recommended amount of vitamin C? Well, the following are the 8 reasons to take vitamin C daily. Can treat symptoms of the common cold Scientists are still researching whether vitamin C can prevent cold or not; however, studies do show that by incorporating vitamin C in your daily diet, you can reduce the duration of your cold...

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  Many of us always have this unanswered question in our mind that what should we eat before and after a workout. We want to know about the kinds of food that can help in burning calories or the ones that will help us bulk up. Due to not having an answer, a lot of people refuse to eat properly. Some of them don’t eat before or after a workout. Your body needs energy to exercise. And not eating properly will have negative effects on your mental and physical being. Experts suggest that there some foods that you can eat...

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