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  When it comes to foot pain, plantar fasciitis is the most common, accounting for 11-15 percent of all cases treated annually. Sometimes the pain can become intense enough to send you in search of relief and, fortunately, one treatment option exists that can ease your discomfort while potentially keeping you out of the doctor’s office. It is called physio taping. Physio taping, also commonly referred to as kinesio taping, involves using a type of specialized body tape which serves to support your muscles and improve circulation to the injured area. This particular remedy is used often by elite athletes...

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    All too often, dreams stay dreams never to enter into our reality. They are nothing more than distant images of who we want so badly to be and yet we can’t seem to get close enough to make them our own, to transform ourselves to the point where we are living the life we’ve always wanted to live. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Achieving your dreams is possible if you know how to do it. What’s the secret, you ask? Simple. Create a plan.   It’s Like Having Your Own Internal GPS Think of it...

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