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  There are a number of benefits to limiting the amount of chemicals, preservatives, and other unnatural substances in the foods you eat by choosing organic options, such as lower toxicity levels, fewer hormone-related issues, and even better taste. So which foods are best when you select organic versus nonorganic? Here are some to consider, as well as some tasty ways to enjoy eating them more: Chicken. Chemicals found in poultry have been linked to cancer (breast cancer specifically), which is one good reason to choose organic instead. Chop it up and put it on a bed of greens for...

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  While most sweet substances aren’t at all healthy for you, there is one that you can eat that not only tastes great, but also offers a lot of health benefits. It is honey and it tastes good on everything from toast to oatmeal, even pleasing the taste buds when it is drizzled over some fruit with a little bit of cinnamon sprinkled on top. What health benefits does it offer? Medical Daily reports that honey: Eases allergies. If you suffer with any type of seasonal allergies, eating honey regularly can often provide you some relief. The reason it works...

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  If you’ve researched health at all, then you’ve likely come across the recommendation to add flaxseed to your diet numerous times. Some health experts suggest that you do this via flaxseed oil while others promote simply buying the seeds, grinding them up yourself, and adding them to your favorite foods. But why all the fuss over this one simple health food? WebMD points out that some studies have found that flaxseed can help reduce your risk of major diseases, some of which include cancer (mainly breast, prostate, and colon), cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and lung disease. And anytime you can...

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  Eating healthy starts with the foods you choose to buy at the grocery store or supermarket. And with so many options available, it can be difficult to make nutritious choices. So, here are some tips that can help make your grocery food shopping experience better for your body’s health and fitness: Shop the store’s perimeter. The most nutritious foods (your fruits, veggies, and lean meats) are generally found in the outer aisles of the store so this is where you want to do the majority of your shopping. Bypass the boxed food and processed snack aisles. The fewer processed...

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  Have you thought about taking a cooking course, but not yet signed up? If you need a little more encouragement in order to push yourself a little deeper into the culinary world, here are 10 reasons why you should finally take action and book that cooking course today: You’ll learn the proper way to prepare food, which means that your meals will likely look and taste more appealing. You’ll discover a variety of ways to cook the same ingredient (like chicken or fish), allowing you to incorporate healthy foods in your diet a variety of ways. You’ll know which...

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