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  With many recent studies connecting red meats—especially processed red meats—with heart disease and cancer, many people are looking for meatless alternatives to recreate some of their favorite dishes in a healthier manner. One of the newest to emerge, primarily in Europe and the UK, is a product called quorn. If you’ve heard of it, this may make you wonder what exactly quorn is and whether or not it is a stuitable protein replacement. What Quorn Is Quorn is a meat-like substance that was developed by Marlow Foods in 1985. It comes from fermenting the Fusarium venenatum fungus, then drying...

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  If you’ve ever struggled with not having enough energy, then you already know how important B vitamins are for this exact reason. In fact, many people get monthly B complex shots in an attempt to help them get through their overloaded days without feeling as if all they want to do is sleep. Countless others take pill and powder supplements daily in an effort to combat fatigue. Well, one of the B vitamins that offers additional advantages is vitamin B7, also known as biotin. According to health experts, this B vitamin provides many benefits ranging from healthier hair and...

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  While most sweet substances aren’t at all healthy for you, there is one that you can eat that not only tastes great, but also offers a lot of health benefits. It is honey and it tastes good on everything from toast to oatmeal, even pleasing the taste buds when it is drizzled over some fruit with a little bit of cinnamon sprinkled on top. What health benefits does it offer? Medical Daily reports that honey: Eases allergies. If you suffer with any type of seasonal allergies, eating honey regularly can often provide you some relief. The reason it works...

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  If you’ve researched health at all, then you’ve likely come across the recommendation to add flaxseed to your diet numerous times. Some health experts suggest that you do this via flaxseed oil while others promote simply buying the seeds, grinding them up yourself, and adding them to your favorite foods. But why all the fuss over this one simple health food? WebMD points out that some studies have found that flaxseed can help reduce your risk of major diseases, some of which include cancer (mainly breast, prostate, and colon), cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and lung disease. And anytime you can...

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  When it comes to eating a healthy diet, consuming a lot of fruits and veggies is often the key. Loaded with a variety of vitamins and minerals, each one has something to offer when it comes to achieving higher levels of nutrition and wellness. Well, avocados (which are a fruit and not a vegetable, by the way) are certainly no exception as they provide a number of different health benefits. Here are 10 to consider: Greater heart health, primarily due to the fact that they have a positive effect on your cholesterol levels Lower blood pressure, courtesy of the...

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