How to change and make a difference this year

How to change and make a difference this year


January is the nations favourite fitness month, with another new year upon us most of us feel we need a change, a better body, tone up, lose weight, stop eating junk food and kick start their new fitness career.

Here are some important details that will help you get it right this year.

Don’t change to many things at once, this can often have a reverse effect, the best way to make a change is by...

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How to be Healthy at Christmas

Three simple tips on how to be healthy this Christmas

The most dangerous time of year for weight gain will be upon us next week. At this time of year is often known to treat oneself.  Christmas is a festive time for overindulging with food and drink. Try and keep a little healthy with some easy health Christmas tips.

Eat sprouts

Brussel sprouts are amazing when just cooked right. These wonderful...

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The Body Skeletal System


The Skeletal system is made up from bones and tissues ; ligaments, tendons and cartilage.


Shape of the skeleton gives our body its characteristics and provides a framework for muscular attachment within our body. Without its characteristics the body framework  would not be unable to perform  movement and our human bodies  would be simple blobs of muscle and fat without the Skeletal.


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Now is the best time to become fit !

Global economical crisis is good for one thing? fitness!

If you want to be positive, save money and shed pounds, the best time is now!

Becoming fit is great, all it takes is a little motivation from yourself and you can turn a bad situation into a good one. Being fit has great benefits for your health, body and mind! so what better time to start. I remember the first saying the navy taught me,...

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