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  Poor nutrition is one of the causes of depression. Having a healthy and balanced diet is the key to a healthy body and mind. Included in that balanced diet are vitamins and minerals that come from fruits and vegetables. Many of us today skip out on fruits and vegetables for greasy cheeseburgers, carbonated drinks, and quick, processed snacks. Vitamins and Minerals are an important part of our balanced diet and must not be ignored.   Omega 3s fatty acid Remember I’d mentioned above, how junk food with grease and fats are a major no-no for the health of your...

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  Want to get rid of those extra few pounds and attain the perfect body that you want? In this case, you should give 16:8 diet a try and see how it works wonders for your body. The idea of fasting does make one blanch a bit at first, but studies show that 16:8 diet can do a lot of good to your body! The 16:8 Diet suggests that you constrain your eating activity to only eight hours of the day. It is a simple eating routine system that backs weight control. Although 16 hours sounds like a long time,...

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  In recent years many trends of health come and go, and here with the fresh start of 2018, some health trends come this year also. Some of these trends appear promising while other just adding the names in the book. The trend which is good for you both inside and out seen to trend you should have your eyes on. Some trends to keep an eye in 2018: COLLAGEN: Collagen is the most intemperance protein in the body of humans, set up in the skin, bones, and muscles. Collagen has below-mentioned uses: Uses Collagen fillers can be used cosmetically...

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Introduction: Have you ever face difficulty in moving? Or suffer from sudden severe pain in the back of your body? These are both the signs of the back spasm. The back spasm is a sudden discomfort a person can feel in the lower back. This severe muscle pain can make it difficult for the person to move properly. The tensing of the muscles in the lower back is known as back spasm. Many people do suffer from back spasm at some stage of their life. It can be treated without surgery. There can be different reasons for the back spasm....

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    Exercise has many benefits, not only does exercise help in achieving a toned body and a boosted metabolism. People who regularly excise are famous for their healthy outward appearance. But that is not the only benefits that come out from exercising. Leading an active lifestyle also helps in making our skin look vibrant and healthy, inside and out. Leading an active life leads to fewer chances of breaking out in acne, fewer wrinkles, and a more glowing face. Here are some ways exercise helps out skin: Reduces acne breakout: Exercise has proven to lead to lower acne breakouts....

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